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Открытый подогреваемый бассейн с джакузи
Банный комплекс
Атмосфера традиционной русской дачи на берегу Финского залива
Ресторан с видом на залив и изысканной кухней
News /Skandinavian Terms

We invite you to the master class "Skandinavian Terms"!

This is a unique opportunity to visit a bath "in black" and spend 5 hours in our bath complex at a symbolic price of 1 hours of rent or the cost of one soaring!

During the master class you`ll immerse yourself in the culture of bath soaring and visit the Russian, Finnish baths, hamam and even the unique bath "in black."
Tea drinking at a fireplace, refreshing bathing in an outdoor pool, after healthy soaring with brooms - our specialist will not only talk about the features of each type of bath, but will also hold a soaring session for you.

The duration of the program is 2-2.5 hour, then free rest to 00.00.

Starting at 19.00, the number of seats is strictly limited, booking in advance
by phone, +7 (812) 4541100, ext. 1
The cost of participation is 3000 rubles.

At your disposal will be the entire bath complex, including a bath "in black," a pool and Jacuzzi, individual soaring by a broom our best specialist in soaring.