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News /Directly from the cheese factory-easily
Make an order with delivery, directly from the cheese factory-easily! 
And you always can have your favorite fresh dairy products on the table - for the whole family or for a working lunch, for your own important event or with care for your neighbor, if he doesn't have the opportunity to come to the market!
To choose dishes, snacks, desserts, cheeses or drinks - just search in the Yandex app. Food and Delivery Club cheese bar La Latteria and order directly from the cheese factory Nova Artisana.
In our restaurants you can always taste different versions of these dishes, for example, baked Brie cheese with rosemary, garlic and pine nuts – It's delicious!
This is a soft cheese with a noble white mold, which is made according to the traditional recipes from the milk of Cow of the Ayrshire breed, farms that are located in the Leningrad region.
The Ayrshire breed has been bred in Scotland which is located on the shores of the Firth of Clyde, for more than 200 years ago, and is considered one of the best breeds in the cheese-making industry.
The process of making this stringy cheese was introduced by cheesemakers from the Great Britain according to the oldest European recipes, developed precisely on the milk of Ayrshire cows.