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News /Dachas and summer residents of the Gulf of Finland

The country Club "Skandinavia" and the SPA and "Sestroretsky Dachas" remind us of how the most luxurious resort near St. Petersburg looked before the revolution.

Dacha life on the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg flourished at the end of the XIX century. In 1898, the Supreme Decree approved the position of the Committee of Ministers and decided: "To arrange a resort in Sestroretsk between the sea and the river Sestroretsk." These lands on the shore of the Gulf of Finland were indeed the most suitable for setting up a resort: a pine forest with thickets of blueberries, fine sand, a clean bottom of the bay, sandy soil.

Sestroretsk quickly became the center of the summer social life of imperial St. Petersburg: fashionable restaurants, a boarding house appear here, a summer concert hall – "Kurzal" opens, where Fyodor Chaliapin, a lover of fabulous fees, also performed, whose museum-apartment on Graftio Street on the Petrogradskaya side of St. Petersburg, we strongly recommend visiting if a bad day suddenly turns out on the coast. By the way, Sestroretsk is just a stone's throw from Razliv Lake, where the famous Lenin's hut, which is well known to us from the illustration in the school textbook, still receives holiday-makers.

After 1917, when Lenin moved from the hut to the best St. Petersburg and Moscow apartments, life in the dachas changed a lot. Some of the buildings were given over to sanatoriums, the other to summer camps and rest homes. Korney Chukovsky, Maxim Gorky, Mikhail Zoshchenko rested here. Korney Ivanovich left quite detailed memories about this place and its inhabitants. Alexander Kuprin visited Sestroretsk, and even Ivan Bunin has a corresponding memoir. At the beginning of the XXI century, country life returns to the territory of the Sestroretsk resort. After a large-scale reconstruction, the Scandinavia Country Club was opened.