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Открытый подогреваемый бассейн с джакузи
Банный комплекс
Атмосфера традиционной русской дачи на берегу Финского залива
Ресторан с видом на залив и изысканной кухней

The Skandinavia Country Club & SPA is a living reminder of the glory of the Russian countryside before the 1917 Revolution. Located in the fashionable resort of Sestroretsk, just outside of St Petersburg, and only a few metres from the Baltic Coast, the complex of buildings dates back to the early twentieth century, when the Russian well-to-do would leave the capital behind and come here to relax and play. Today, you can do the same; the atmosphere is straight out of the pages of Tolstoy and Chekhov, and the facilities are up-to-the-minute.

Skandinavia Country Club & SPA is probably the best hotel in Saint Petersburg suburbs and neighborhood. Excellent service, marvelous luxury atmosphere, responsiveness and attention to the guests makes Skandinavia an ideal place for relaxed leisure in a distance from a fuss of the big city.

Skandinavia Country Club & Spa is placed in only 35 km from Saint Petersburg in Sestroretsk in unique landscape on the shore of Gulf of Finland. Wonderful combination of the fresh air, sand beaches, majestic pines and the water makes this area the most favorite place for leisure. As it was many years ago, today there is a luxury resort where you will find harmony and calmness.