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Dining / Cakes to Order

At Skandinavia Country Club we are delighted to offer the services of our renown pastry chef, for our exclusive cakes by design service. We believe that a cake is not just a delicious dessert to finish a meal, but an exclusive decoration for any event – a wedding, birthday or even corporate party. We are glad to offer this professional service to guests or corporate customers. Our experienced and talented pastry chef will to try to match any design, creating a personalised and unique touch for your unforgettable event. Speciality cakes include:

New York cheesecake

Berry cheesecake

Almond cake

Trio of chocolate



Black Forest gateau

Count Ruins cake

For personalised cake design, please provide a photo and choice of ingredients. Cost from 2500 RUB.

To order, please call by phone +7 (812) 454 11 00, or order via the manager of restaurant Bellevue.