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Открытый подогреваемый бассейн с джакузи
Банный комплекс
Атмосфера традиционной русской дачи на берегу Финского залива
Ресторан с видом на залив и изысканной кухней
News /Dacha gatherings. Lecture by Olga Nabokova in the Library.
After the war, the Finnish coastal villages on the Karelian Isthmus went to the Soviet Union and began to live a new life, becoming native to many people of art and science. 
Komarovsky dachas and rest houses served as a sort of creative laboratories. Here screenwriters met directors, poets and composers composed songs together, and meeting an academician on the street was no more difficult than a squirrel.

Akhmatova and Shostakovich, Brodsky and Dovlatov, Likhachev and the Strugatsky brothers, Karavaichuk and the "Komarovskaya witch" - the list of outstanding summer residents will take several pages. 
What they worked on under the Finnish pines, how they visited each other, what they drank and what they were afraid of - we will talk at this meeting. Olga Nabokova is a guide, editor and translator, a resident of Komarovo with 14 years of experience. He studies the history of the Kurortny District with passion and leads excursions around it.